Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Tomorrow is my lovely mother's birthday! I love her so much. She is the best mom on the planet. She's always there for me and has put up with me for so much! I love you mommy!
I'm going to try to blog on a more regular basis now that things (band, school, teenage drama) have settled down.
Today was just a regular day. Went to school, came home, ate dinner and whatnot. I'm normally afraid of wearing dresses to school because I get super cold. But I do every so often.

American Rag pea coat
Thrifted cardigan
Forever 21 dress
Forever 21 nylons
Thrifted boots
Harry potter necklace
Betsey Johnson bracelet
Have a great day everyone!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

My Thanksgiving was great, it was spent with my family at home. The turkey we got was the best turkey I've ever had. It was from Trader Joe's and was delish!These pictures were taken at about 11:30pm on Thanksgiving right before we left to go Black Friday shopping at the mall at midnight. However, we ended up not buying anything, except for some socks for my brother. There was nothing that I really wanted and there were too many obnoxious kids at the mall.

 My brother said my pictures were too boring and I needed to take a picture while standing on the couch
 Standing on the couch

 I tried to take a picture of myself

Thrifted Forever 21 plaid shirt
Thrifted Billabong jacket
Arizona jeans
Worn with Coach tennis shoes

Saturday morning I'm leaving for Yakima to go audition for Cascades drum corps. I'm auditioning on trumpet, which I've only been playing for about a month, so I'm not that good yet. For those of you who don't know what drum corps is: here is an explanatory video for you to watch
Wish me the best of luck!
-Mira McClellan

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Makeup Tutorial

Happy Thanksgiving!
 I often get people commenting on and asking how I do my makeup. The purpose of this post isn't so much as a tutorial but more of me showing you the products I use and such. This is how I do my makeup on a daily basis. It takes me about ten minutes to do this whole face. However, sometimes I run out of time and have to finish my makeup when I get to school in the morning. 

 I start out with a clean, moisturized face. I don't normally put foundation or concealer on because it takes to much time and I haven't found a product that I like very much. But when I do, I use a Korres brand foundation from Sephora.

 First thing I always do is apply an eye shadow base. It prevents your eye shadow from creasing after a couple hours and keeps your makeup looking great at the end of the day.
Smashbox Photo Finish Eyelid Primer
 I then apply a cream, shimmery eyeshadow all over my eyelids
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Birthday Suit
 It's a gold-ish color
 Then I put on this eyesahow in the crease of my eyelids, on top of the cream shadow
Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow in Leggy
 Shimmery pink color
 I really like to go for a pinup inspired eyeliner look. I use a cream eyeliner to line my upper lashline. Starting from the middle, I draw the line thicker towards the outer corners and thinner towards the inner corners of my eye. After I thicken the line enough I draw a wing on the outer corner.
The Beauty Department, a makeup blog that Lauren Conrad contributes to, has really good eyeliner tutorials
For winged eyeliner
They also have a TON of other makeup and  beauty articles which I would recommend to anyone to go check out.
Maybelline Eyestudio cream liner in Blackest Black

 I always curl my lashes before applying mascara
Revlon eyelash curler

This is one of my favorite mascaras. I apply it liberally to the upper lashes and a little bit to the lower lashes
Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion mascara in Very Black

 I then use a cream blush stick and sweep it across my cheek bone
NARS cream blush in Maui
 Blend it into the apples of my cheeks with a brush
 This is one of my favorite products that I recommend to everyone! It's a brighter that can be applied basically anywhere. It has a pearly, luminescent glow that brightens your face and makes your skin look uber healthy.
Benefit High Beam luminescent complexion enhancer.
 I put it on my cheeks, on the inner corners of my eye and on my brow bone. Sometimes I'll swipe it across the bridge of my nose

 The almost finished look
 Sometimes I forget to do this, but I like to darken my brows with a brown brow shadow.
I'm sorry I don't know what brand this is, it's missing a sticker and has been sitting in my makeup drawer for awhile.
 Use a brush to apply and blend it in
 I like to put on this tinted lip balm
Clinique Chubby Stick moisturizing lip color balm in 04 Mega Melon

Ta da! The finished look (sorry the lighting is bad)

All of the products that I used
 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I'm thankful for my wonderful parents, my super superb siblings Kyle and Corrine as well as my fantastic friends.
I hope I get to go shopping tomorrow. My mom is planning on taking my sister and I to the mall at midnight. Lets hope for the best!
Have a wonderful day! Enjoy your food!