Sunday, July 31, 2011

California Part III- garlic festival

Our third day in California consisted of the Gilroy Garlic Festival. The weather and food was great! I ate some pizza, garlic rice thing, chocolate covered fruit (no garlic), garlic fries and garlic ice cream!
 At the garlic festival!
Sunglasses from target
Forever 21 floral blouse
Decree brand acid wash short
Toms shoes
 My sister and I next to a giant statue of flaming garlic
 We all enjoyed the gorgeous California weather
 My family plus my grandma

 Me and my dad
 Corrine and my mom
 Lots of garlic food!
Corrine and I eating garlic flavored ice cream. My mom and sister didn't like it. I didn't think it was too bad, it was sweet but had a slightly garlic-y after taste. After a couple of licks, the garlic started to burn my tongue.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

California Part II

Day 2 in California consisted of shopping and more driving.
Forever 21 tank top and white vest
Mossimo supply co. shorts
Toms shoes

My dad took my sister and I to a HUGE Forever 21 in Chico.
 My sister and I outside of the Forever 21
 I got a dress, two tank tops and a pair of shorts
After shopping we left Chico and headed for Gilroy, where my grandma lives
After spending an hour in Gilroy we turned around and headed to San Jose for dinner with my aunt
My new Forever 21 dress
Forever 21 white vest
Toms shoes
Sunglasses from Target

California Part I

On Tuesday my mom, dad and I left  for California. We drove, which was miserable. It took 14 hours. Our first stop in California was Chico, where we met my sister (who had flown down a week earlier then us), my grandma, uncle and cousins. Chico was nifty. I got a pair of Toms shoes, in green. 

 Me sporting my new shoes at a park in Chico
 My lovely mom and sister.
 My beautiful mother
 Sunglasses from Target
Shirt from Ross
Shorts from Ross
Bag from Target
Toms shoes.

 Me and my mother. It was 95 degrees and gorgeous.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bands that Micah and Mira really like

All of these bands are really great. I love them. And so does Micah.
  • Fun. Specifically the songs- Walking the Dog, Benson Hedges and All the Pretty Girls
  • The Format. This band is really similar to Fun because the lead singer is the same. The Format is more acoustic while Fun is more electronic. Check out the song- Snails (EP version)
  • Blink 182. Although I like Blink WAY more than Micah (he once admitted to not even liking them!) Listen to the song Stay Together for the Kids because it's Micah's favorite.
  • Cold War Kids. At one point, this was ALL Micah would listen to. Listen to the songs We Used to Vacation and Dreams Old Men Dream
  • Talking Heads. This is Mira's favorite band currently. I love the songs Wild Wild Life and And She Was 
  • Frank Sinatra- When ever Micah and I have "dates" at my house, we listen to Frank Sinatra. 
  • Vampire Weekend- Another one of my favorites. Listen to the songs Horchata, A Punk and White Skies
  • Ra Ra Riot- Very similar to Vampire Weekend. Listen to Boy and Can You Tell
  • Skrillex- Dubstep. 
  • Matt and Kim- Listen to Cameras and Daylight. 
More to come later possibly.
Micah and Mira

Sunday, July 24, 2011


So I've decided that the next dance I go to with Micah (homecoming), I am definitively going to wear a pair of shoes from this website
Specifically something like this
Those shoes are so awesome!!!

Sun and the boyfran!

Micah came over after church today. Such pleasant weather, it's so lovely!!

 Windswept hair!
 Kiss on the cheek
 Sunglasses from Target
Necklace from my sister's bedroom ;)
Forever 21 dress
Connie sandals from The Speckled Perch
Old Navy shirt
Old Navy jeans
Photos taken in my front yard.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


So today turned out to be a pretty nice day. The weather is great for starters. I got my nails done with my mom, drank a smoothie and got my work out on at the Y.

 Slightly awkward pose ^^^
Forever 21 white button down
Mossimo supply co. purple tank
Mossimo supply co. boyfriend jeans
Connie sandals from The Speckled Perch

Just in case anyone wanted to buy me something.

This is to anyone who wants to buy me a birthday, Christmas or a "just because" present. The following is my wish list. 
So those shirts are pretty awesome. Especially : The Great Gatsby, Clockwork Orange, To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye, Nancy Drew, Slaughterhouse Five, Brave New World, Farenheit 451, Animal Farm, The Outsiders, Lord of the Flies and 1984. So any of those shirts would work. Those are also all great books BTDubs. Woman's size small ;)

And the Harry Potter items on the following Etsy shops:
I especially love the Harry Potter jewelry in this shop

So I hope no one thought this post was too especially rude. I understand if this comes across as pretty rude.
Anyways, have a nice day 

Friday, July 22, 2011


Today Micah came over to my house.
 Micah looking awfully cute in an all Old Navy outfit, besides the sandals. Levi flip flops.
 What a cutie pie!!!
Thrifted sweater/shirt
Forever 21 vest
Shorts from Ross
Beetsey Johnson fish necklace
Mossimo supply co. desert boots.

 MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Basically, today consisted of shopping and really good food.
When I got the mail today, I was uber stoked to see that my new sandals had come in! I bought these sandals off of Etsy shop The Speckled Perch. They're super nifty. If you know me at all, you're probably aware that I hate feet! Especially my own. That's why I love these sandals, because they barley show my feet and they don't show my toes!
For dinner last night and for lunch this afternoon, my mommy made the most delish salad!
 Goddess dressing from Trader Joes
 My beautiful mother preparing the salad
All tossed and dressed! It was the bomb.

Today I also bought a super awesome white sweater-shirt thing from Good Will for 6 bucks!
Also, I got my favorite lipstick, MAC in Ruby Woo. I love it!

My outfit today

Thrifted American Rag tunic
Old Navy jeans
Thrifted booties
Betsey Johnson bracelet and earrings
Necklace is from Kenya
My lovely booties that I got from Cross Roads!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I thought of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

So overall I LOVED IT! It was a great ending to the series. I must admit though, I did tear up, it was rather bittersweet. But nonetheless there were a couple of problems

  • One of the things that really bothered me was that it didn't show Fred Weasley's death. Yes, it showed him dead and his family weeping next to his body; but I was really looking forward to the actual death scene. When he's dueling and joking around with George, then BAM, he dies. I wanted to see that.
  • Colin Creevy and his younger brother didn't die.
  • What wand will Harry use now?!?!?! In the end of the book, he uses the Elder Wand to fix his phoenix feather wand, then gets rid of the Elder Wand. But at the end of the movie he just snaps the Elder Wand in half, then chucks it off a cliff. That was a little muddling. 
  • When Harry, Hermione and Ron break into the Lestrange's vault, all the objects they touch are supposed to multiply AND burn to the touch. In the movie they only multiplied. 
  • Crabbe was missing. He was replaced by the black guy. But I think that's due to the actor playing Crabbe getting arrested for possession of marijuana. I read that on Mugglenet a little while ago.
  • When Harry goes to King's Cross after "dying" he's supposed to be naked. But it's probably a good thing that he was clothed in the movie.
  • I think during the "19 Years Later" Harry, Hemione and Ron could of all looked older. They looked too young. But Ginny looked pretty old. 
  • My final complaint is that during the last twenty-ish minutes, everything seemed kind of rushed. Does anyone else feel that way? That everything seemed to go by too quickly? Well that was also the way Ms.Rowling wrote it. It seemed like she just wanted it to get over with. 
  Things I really liked:

  • The portrayal of Snape's memories in the pensive. "The Prince's Tale" is my all time favorite chapter in the series. I thought the way it was done in the movie was excellent
  • When Voldemort hugs Draco. It was just so awkward. It made me LOL! 

  • I thought it was cute how at he end of the movie, before Voldy and Harry's last battle, Mrs. Malfoy and Draco are shown walking away holding hands. 
  • I thought it was ironic how Neville was dressed in a knit cardigan during the battle. It just looked goofy. Oh well, he's such a BAMF it doesn't even matter what he's wearing.
Thanks to the boyfran for helping me write this. Have a nice day!

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    What I wore today

    This is what I wore today. It was just a day to chill with the boyfriend. I'm not to fond of my cowlick in that picture though.
    Forever 21 scarf
    Forever 21 cardigan
    Old Navy tank top
    Arizona Jeans
    And I also wore a pair of Coach shoes today.

    Websites everyone should check out

    There are a couple websites/ blogs that I visit on a daily basis. Granted, if you are a guy, some of the websites may not be for you. Regardless,  go look at them This is a blog founded by Lauren Conrad and some other girls. I'm not a real big fan of her but whatevesies, it's fun too look at. It's good if you're a female and want ideas for hair/ makeup This is one of my all time favorite websites! It's chock full of beauty/fashion advice, funny vignettes and all around great entertainment. Plus, one of the founders is my IDOL Zooey Deschanel. If you don't know who she is, SHAME ON YOU; she's the wife of Death Cab for cutie leading man Ben Gibbard and she's just amazing! This is great for everyone! I love looking at memes. They make me LOL! I love Modcloth! They have such awesome clothes, although they are a little pricey. But their blog is also awesome.

    Go hit those websites up.
    Have a great day

    Monday, July 18, 2011


    I'm typing this post in the font Helvetica. You're probably familiar with it. I know it's quite cliche and overused, but I've never used it before. After watching this documentary, Helvetica, I've gotten ever so slightly interested in font design. I know how lame, a documentary about typeface. TYPEFACE! But it really opened my eyes to the world of typeface design, as nerdy as it probably sounds.