Sunday, September 25, 2011

Peninsula Classic

This weekend has been one large band fiasco! It's all been very exciting having our first performance at a CK football game on Friday, and our first competition on Saturday. The football game went rather well. Although I do have something to say: marching bands all over the world deserve more respect while performing during halftime. Being yelled at by kids in the stands while trying to perform and entertain is very irritating. Besides, it's just flat out rude and disrespectful. I know many non-band students don't see the hard work we put into our field shows; but we deserve to be treated better than the way we're treated during football games. Thank you for listening to (reading) my rant.
Anyways here are some photos
Shannon and I in our lovely drum major hats. Photo credit: Holy Chan
Spirit of Silverdale during Penninsula Classic prelims. Photo credit: Tineke Dahl
Spirit of Silverdale during Penninsula Classic prelims. Photo credit: Tineke Dahl
Caitlin and I. Photo Credit: Marina Natseway 
Caitlin. Photo credit: Marina Natseway 
Conducting and stuff. Photo credit:Marina Natseway
During retreat. Photo credit: Marina Natseway 

The following pictures are all my own
 Really dark picture of Caitlin and I
 Getting onto the podium

 Blurry picture of Shannon, Caitlin and I
 Micah during parade of bands
Drumline doing their thing during the parade of bands

So all in all the Peninsula Classic was a lot of fun, as well as super exhausting, I slept 14 hours last night.
The Spirit of Silverdale marching band did great. We got a score of 71 during prelims and a score of 72 (I think) for finals. We got the highest score out of all the bands, but weren't able to compete or place because we hosted the competition. I'm so proud of the band. I love being a part of the Spirit of Silverdale Marching Band. A big thank you to all of the parents and other volunteers who helped put on such a fantastic competition. Another thank you to our directors Mr. Woods and Mr.McBirnine as well as our field staff.
Finally, here is a link to our finals show
Video credit to Riley Turk
Thanks for reading
-Mira McClellan

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