Sunday, August 21, 2011

Band Camp

My apologies to those who have been awaiting a new post from me, I have spent the past week at band camp.  I arrived at and camp, bright and early on Monday morning at 8 am thinking that I was one of two drum majors for the Klahowya marching band. However, during lunch Mr.Mcbirnie and  Mr.Woods announced that the Central Kitsap high school and Klahowya marching bands are combining to create one big marching band called the K*CK *SS marching band. Awesome! Our field show is called Ghost Ship. This music is hard, by the way. The opener switches between 7/8 and 4/4 meter. To those of you who are not musically inclined, do not waste too much energy trying to understand what the last sentence means.
However, on the second or third day of band camp, our directors changed our marching band's name to Spirit of Silverdale, which is way lame compared to K*CK *SS marching band. The unofficial mascot of our band is a griffin! Which is awesome.
Now I am one of three drum majors for the Spirit of Silverdale band. I could not be more excited for marching band. Band camp has consisted of long hot days, sunburns and on occasion; boredom. But overall, I am happy that after many years of contemplating on combing the bands, it has finally happened.

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