Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mira's shopping tips

In the following article I will reveal a plethora of tips and guidance to assist you when you are back to school shopping.
1. Wear minimal makeup and make Sephora your first stop- This is something I always do when I go to the mall. This way, I get to try on a cool new lipstick or blush at Sephora, without having to remove any makeup beforehand. Also, don't wear any perfume prior to going to Sephora so you can try on a new perfume for back to school.
2. Wear proper clothing- This is important when you are going to be trying lots of clothes on. I recommend to wear a white cami with a light weight cardigan, a pair of easy-to-get-into jeans and a pair of slip on shoes. It's always a pain when you want to try a cool new lace blouse, but aren't wearing a tank top; thus, making it difficult to try on. Or when you want a v-neck sweater but don't want to reveal to much skin in the dressing room when you are trying it on. Also, slip on shoes are good to wear when you anticipate taking them off and putting them back on often in the dressing room.
3. Know your budget- This one might be obvious, but don't overspend.
4. When shopping for clothes make inexpensive stores like Forever 21 and H&M your go to store- If you know me at all; about 90% of my wardrobe comes from Forever 21. Forever 21 is the bomb! Everything is rather inexpensive, which enables you to buy multiple pieces without over spending. Then, with all the money you saved, you can buy an expensive item, such as a new Coach purse!
5. Make sure your credit/ debit card is loaded with money and working - This has happened to me many times. I go to Forever 21, find a bunch of clothes, and when I go to the cash register to pay, my credit card doesn't work! This results in many calls to the bank and credit card company, which is a pain.
6. Go shopping with your mom and sister!- I love shopping with my dearest mummy and sister. They give me the best advice on what to buy and what not to buy.
7. Don't take your boyfriend with you- If your boyfriend is like mine, he probably doesn't enjoy wandering around the mall with you while you make additions to your wardrobe.
8. Don't be afraid to hit up Goodwill or other thrift stores- I used to be deathly afraid of thrift shopping, just the idea of buying pre-worn clothing reduced me to tears (not really). But once I started thrifting, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've found lots of key items of clothing that I adore from thrift shops. My favorite thrift shops are Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange, which are both in Seattle, near Udub. Plus, you can take your old, gently used clothing and exchange them for store credit or cash. Recently, I found the coolest dress and high-heels from Goodwill; both for under $10.
9. Make sure your closet is chock full of hangers- This one may seem silly, but there has been many occasions in which I buy lots of clothes, with no where to put them. While you're out buying all of your new clothes, don't forget to buy more hangers, too.

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