Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finally home!

Yesterday my family finally got home from California. Sitting in a car for seven hours a day, for two days really takes a toll on your butt. I was uber excited to be home because I got to sleep in my own bed, use drawers and a closet instead of a suitcase, take a nice shower with all of my special bath products that weren't available in California and most importantly; I got to see my boyfriend's beautiful face in person today!
While I was in California , Micah went to the Scottish Highland games with his homies. While he was there he got me a present.
 What could be in the box that Micah gave me (with a lovely drawing of the "me gusta" face on it. Thanks Jeremy)!?!
 Oh my goodness it's so exciting!
 A Mid-evil style flail...
 Testing it out on my lovely sister
Here it is.
I got Micah a couple of books and an ocarina and he gets me a weapon. A device most commonly used to kill. A contraption to torture. I have no idea what I will use this for, but I love it. Thank you Micah for such a unique and awesome gift.

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