Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I thought of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

So overall I LOVED IT! It was a great ending to the series. I must admit though, I did tear up, it was rather bittersweet. But nonetheless there were a couple of problems

  • One of the things that really bothered me was that it didn't show Fred Weasley's death. Yes, it showed him dead and his family weeping next to his body; but I was really looking forward to the actual death scene. When he's dueling and joking around with George, then BAM, he dies. I wanted to see that.
  • Colin Creevy and his younger brother didn't die.
  • What wand will Harry use now?!?!?! In the end of the book, he uses the Elder Wand to fix his phoenix feather wand, then gets rid of the Elder Wand. But at the end of the movie he just snaps the Elder Wand in half, then chucks it off a cliff. That was a little muddling. 
  • When Harry, Hermione and Ron break into the Lestrange's vault, all the objects they touch are supposed to multiply AND burn to the touch. In the movie they only multiplied. 
  • Crabbe was missing. He was replaced by the black guy. But I think that's due to the actor playing Crabbe getting arrested for possession of marijuana. I read that on Mugglenet a little while ago.
  • When Harry goes to King's Cross after "dying" he's supposed to be naked. But it's probably a good thing that he was clothed in the movie.
  • I think during the "19 Years Later" Harry, Hemione and Ron could of all looked older. They looked too young. But Ginny looked pretty old. 
  • My final complaint is that during the last twenty-ish minutes, everything seemed kind of rushed. Does anyone else feel that way? That everything seemed to go by too quickly? Well that was also the way Ms.Rowling wrote it. It seemed like she just wanted it to get over with. 
  Things I really liked:

  • The portrayal of Snape's memories in the pensive. "The Prince's Tale" is my all time favorite chapter in the series. I thought the way it was done in the movie was excellent
  • When Voldemort hugs Draco. It was just so awkward. It made me LOL! 

  • I thought it was cute how at he end of the movie, before Voldy and Harry's last battle, Mrs. Malfoy and Draco are shown walking away holding hands. 
  • I thought it was ironic how Neville was dressed in a knit cardigan during the battle. It just looked goofy. Oh well, he's such a BAMF it doesn't even matter what he's wearing.
Thanks to the boyfran for helping me write this. Have a nice day!

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