Monday, July 25, 2011

Bands that Micah and Mira really like

All of these bands are really great. I love them. And so does Micah.
  • Fun. Specifically the songs- Walking the Dog, Benson Hedges and All the Pretty Girls
  • The Format. This band is really similar to Fun because the lead singer is the same. The Format is more acoustic while Fun is more electronic. Check out the song- Snails (EP version)
  • Blink 182. Although I like Blink WAY more than Micah (he once admitted to not even liking them!) Listen to the song Stay Together for the Kids because it's Micah's favorite.
  • Cold War Kids. At one point, this was ALL Micah would listen to. Listen to the songs We Used to Vacation and Dreams Old Men Dream
  • Talking Heads. This is Mira's favorite band currently. I love the songs Wild Wild Life and And She Was 
  • Frank Sinatra- When ever Micah and I have "dates" at my house, we listen to Frank Sinatra. 
  • Vampire Weekend- Another one of my favorites. Listen to the songs Horchata, A Punk and White Skies
  • Ra Ra Riot- Very similar to Vampire Weekend. Listen to Boy and Can You Tell
  • Skrillex- Dubstep. 
  • Matt and Kim- Listen to Cameras and Daylight. 
More to come later possibly.
Micah and Mira

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